Avon Brochure 16/2019

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New 24-hour Power Stay Foundation. Are you ready to put it to the test? Find all your faves and discover exciting new products. You'll be spoilt for choice with this fun collection of earrings on a gorgeous gift card. The power stay promise.

Avon Brochure 15/2019

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The power stay promise 16 hours of colour & comfort in 10 life-proof shades. Find all your faves and discover exciting Avon new products. Fabulous autumn fashion. A place for everything so you can keep everything in its place. Introducing the first product in our long-lasting make-up ...

Avon Brochure 14/2019

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Plumps skin from the inside out for your best ever wrinkle results. Reduce the look of wrinkles before they become permanent. Plump today for a future free from wrinkles. The plumping power of pure 1.5% hyaluronic acid enhanced with our pioneering tri-molecule blend ...

Avon Brochure 13/2019

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Is this the world's 1st mascara that truly does it all? For your ultimate lash look. Stop searching for the one. Everything you need in a mascara is here. Smart control brush. Hugs your lash line to lift, stretch and separate every single lash. Unique tip catches and controls tiny lashes.

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Empowering women in the UK for 60 years. Discover why Giovanna and friends love our iconic products. Plus, exclusive offers and our 60th birthday best of beauty box. To celebrate we spent the day with some of our kick-ass Reps, Charity partners and Avon Ambassadors who inspire ...

Avon Brochure 11/2019

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Introducing the new matte lip powder pen. The matte you've been waiting for... light as a feather colour that's as fierce as you. Bold fills lips with highly pigmented colour. Feels light as a feather, like second skin. Mess-free precision cushion tip for controlled application.

Avon Brochure 10/2019

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9 out of 10 women recommend Avon Foundation. Try our bestselling foundation now in a new matte finish. Read their reviews and find your new favourite foundation. Turn over to meet your perfect match... This is perfect for oily skin.

Avon Brochure 9/2019

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New only from Anew. Rejuvenate skin's radiance every day with the concentrated power of 30 oranges in 1 bottle. The powerful, natural antioxidant for real results: after 1 use wake up skin's radiant glow, in 1 week skin looks and feels healthier, in 2 weeks see smoother, more even skin.

Avon Brochure 8/2019

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New Big & Phenomenal Mascara unstoppable volume. Discover your free gift worth £24. Introducing the lash loader brush. Deep reservoirs between each bristle hold pockets of formula, loading it onto the brush. Flexible bristles separate and coat lashes evenly from root to tip.

Avon Brochure 7/2019

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See the difference with Anew. New Ultimate Silkened Oil-In-Gel for skin as smooth as silk. Plus unmissable offers on Anew inside Avon brochure, from 3 for £22. Imagine skin as smooth as silk without the shine. The nourishment of a rich oil gel with a silky-smooth, light-as-air, non-greasy feel.

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