Give more joy this Christmas. All gifts in this guide are available with direct delivery only.

Home gifts create more Christmas memories. Super-soft scented throw. Snuggle up with your favourite film under this cosy throw with notes of orange, clove and tonka bean.. Soft fabric infused with a scent designed to last up to 20 washes - run your hand over the fabric to release the scent. Cosy Christmas scents. Evoke those festive memories by filling your home with the warming scent of Winter Spice. Avon Far Away. Whisk them away with the exotic scent of our bestselling perfume with freesia, jasmine and vanilla musk. Today Tomorrow Always. Celebrate love with this home fragrance gift set with the floral notes from our bestselling Today scent. Conjure up memories of crisp autumn days with the scent of plum, rose and vanilla. Stunning aromas. Surprise them with a beautiful reed diffuser gift set, starring the scents of 3 bestselling perfumes. Festive feelings. Brighten up your home with Christmassy trinkets that'll get everyone into the festive spirit! Season’s greetings. These window stickers will let everyone know you're ready to make Christmas memories. Finishing touches. Dress your tree from top to bottom with scented decorations and enjoy a festive scent all Christmas. Sip sip, hooray! Impress guests with these festive additions (because you can never have too many prosecco flutes!). Get your festive bake on with one for you and one for your mini-me! Snowy days & cosy cuddles. It may look frosty but this snowy-themed blanket is super-snuggly and oh so soft.

Avon Fashion & Accessories. Giving more of what they adore. Lipsy London. Make the pavement a catwalk with this metallic tote that's the perfect designer bag for you or a friend! If they're dreaming of a designer bag, treat them to this cross-body they'll want to use every day. Wrap up this winter in designer warm wear they'll love all season. Winter wishes. Sparkle every evening while snuggling in for a night of festive films. Keep it cosy. Stay warm from head to toe all winter with super-soft slippers and loungewear you'll want to wear every day. Winter warmers. The perfect super-soft pair for your loved one who is always chilly! Run your hand over this snuggly scarf to release the scent of orange, clove and tonka bean. Give the perfect glitter purse to your friend who loves everything that sparkles. Glamour & gold. If a bit of glam is their style, they'll adore this eye-catching scarf they can use to dress up any outfit. If they love an everyday bag for all the essentials, they'll adore this relaxed, hobo style. I’m a beauty babe. Light up any beauty-lover’s Christmas day with this vanity casa that’s perfect for all their make-up. Featuring 3 flat pockets, a toothbrush holder, large open pocket and a zipped mesh pocket. Discover the gift with all the glitter they've been dreaming of. Little gifts that go a long way! Put a smile on their face with these sparkly presents. Bags of joy. Treat them to a cross-body bag for a practically stylish gift. The starry duo for your loved one who is always on the go. Folds out flat so no need o rummage for make-up. The perfect secret Santa gift for the style icon in your office.

Avon Watches. Give more of that special something. We all have that friend who adores leopard print, so this designer watch is guaranteed to please! The perfect designer gift for any Radley London fan with a cute branded watch and matching bracelet. Smart style. Smash your goals and keep on top of notifications wherever you go with the smartest watch in town. Timeless style in a designer watch for that sleek look you know they love. Time to wish. Discover wrist candy in a style that's true to them. You couldn't have picked a better gift! Switch me up. This pretty watch has interchangeable straps so they can style their way!

I treasure my jewellery. Love your jewellery for longer. The Avon Seren collection is 18ct gold-plated or silver-plated jewellery that makes a meaningful gift that'll be adored for years. Cherish the magic. Discover jewellery that tells a story, perfect for you or as a gift a loved one will treasure. Give jewellery that sparkles like the stars with 4 pairs of dazzling earrings set with cubic zirconia. Love you to the moon & back. Make all of their Christmas wishes come true with these beautiful jewellery sets. Dazzle & dream. Gift an extra-special loved one these gorgeous jewels they'll love all year long. If they're the queen of earrings, this 31-pair set means they'll have a pair for every outfit. The jewellery lover in your life will fall head over heels for this set that sparkles as much as they do. A statement bracelet with sparkling, coloured gems and faux pearls that will shine as much as they do. Star of the show. These star stud earrings come in a festive ceramic Christmas tree pot - the perfect Secret Santa gift! The 3-piece set that's the finishing touch to any outfit and is at the top of your stylish friend's wish list. Sparkle all the way. Make this year extra-special and give the gift of a guardian angel in this 3-piece jewellery set. Teddy jewels. Make their winter sparkle with this cute teddy buddy! Festive treats that will make everyone smile. Merry & bright. With 15 pairs of cute studs, it's the perfect gift for the earring-obsessed friend you love. Charming jewels. Discover a charming gift that's truly personal to them. Choose a stunning bracelet or necklace to be the base of the gift. Add a personalised touch with a FREE sparkling Sofie Initial Charm with every Kaylee Bracelet or Imogen Necklace you buy. Finally add the sentimental touch with a set of charms.

Beauty Gifts for Her. Give more of what she loves most. Glitz & glimmer. Any manicure fanatic will love unwrapping this stunning nail colour set on Christmas Day! Endless lashes & eye looks. Transform their eyes with our genius mascara and midi palette duo - it's what they've been dreaming of. Lip kits for aspiring make-up artists. Order any 2 kits below and you've got a customised 4-piece lip-kit gift set they'll love. Avon Far Away Royale. Discover a gift that's full of majestic beauty, with coriander seed oil, jasmine and vanilla. Rare pearls. A luminous gift of lush greens, pearlescent flower and musk that's full of splendour. This Love. A fragrance full of love that's celebrated now and forever, with pink grapefruit, frangipani and creamy woods. Eve Embrace. Show them you love every part of who they are with violet petals, rose and white caramel musk. Far Away Glamour. The luxurious perfume that's a spritz of glamour with blackcurrant bud, orange flower and black musk. Let their true, natural self shine through with juicy pomegranate, tender peony and sweet cedarwood. Little Black Dress. The perfect accessory for every occasion with timeless honeysuckle, ylang-ylang and milkwood. Discover the gift every Far Away fan will adore, a set of mini perfumes from their No.1 fragrance brand. Stand out from the crowd with bold and daring scents. Lucky me. Remember those unforgettable moments with sparkling fizz accord, vanilla orchid and sandalwood. Attraction. Discover a gift that's full of temptation that will ignite attraction with blackberry, orchid and vanilla amber. Mix & match stocking fillers. Pop these fragrant festive treats in their stockings and gift them some me-time. Avon Spa scents. Help soothe their mind and body by gifting hand cream and body mist duos with matching aromatherapy scents. Top-to-toe treats. Indulge them with these matching body butter and mask duos for an all-over fabulous feeling! Hand-loving duo. Treat their hands to luxury with the nourishing power of African shea butter and vitamin E. Caring treats. Give their hands some TLC with these stocking filler-size creams. The gift of shine. Our Ultimate Shine gift set with Crystal Light Technology will help transform dull hair into gorgeous glossy locks. The gift of volume. Give our Miracle Densifier collection with Hyaluronic Peptide Complex for body and volume from root to tip. Skin treats. Give them a burst of hydration and a beaming glow with this skin-loving multivitamin gift set. Me-time. Get festive pampering all wrapped up with this skin-boosting gift set with 3 different masks. Glow gifts. Watch their face light up as they unwrap these radiance-boosting heroes powered by vitamin C. Protinol power. This gift keeps giving with moisturisers that start firming in 2 days and a serum with 7 powerful benefits. 2 days to skin goals. Our skincare gift sets are packed with mini editions of our bestsellers, granting visible results in just 2 days. Skin elixirs. Brimming with cannabis sativa oil, this is the go-to gift set for quenching dry lips and giving skin a dewy glow. Stressed out skin? Relax. This skin-soothing set harnesses the power of cannabis sativa oil... ifs perfect for the skincare savvy.

Gift for kids. Give more of what makes them smile. Singing & dancing reindeer. The whole family will love singing and dancing to Jingle Bell Rock with Rory the reindeer this Christmas! The talk-back bear. Record your heartfelt messages and Pip the polar bear will repeat them to your little ones! Light up bear. This super-cute battery-operated light will create a sweet, comforting light in your home. Bear lovers will adore these paw-some teddy-themed treats. Nose and paws change colour when a hot drink is added. Bear-y lovable. Wrap them up all warm and snuggly in this cute and cosy bobble hat and mittens set. Fun & games. Little ones can play in comfort with our oh-so cute tablet rests featuring soft textures and fun characters. Make bath time fun for Minions fans with tubside treats from Gru and the crew.

Gifts for Him. Give more gifts that impress. New favourite slippers. These stylish navy blue textured slippers feature a super soft lining for the ultimate comfort. Sleek gadgets. Gift tech that's as stylish as it is practical with useful accessories they'll love. Techy treats. You know you've found the ideal present when you see these tech gifts and you immediately think of them. Matching mug and sock set. Attraction. Discover a tempting aftershave that will ignite attraction with ginger root, musk and smoky woods. Avon Segno. The ideal aftershave for the born leader in your life with scents of vetiver, rye whiskey and leatherwood. Keep them feeling fresh and ready for anything with the essential gift for a smooth shave. Lucky me. Celebrate life's lucky moments with an aftershave bursting with timut pepper, cinnamon leaf and vetiver.

Table of contents Avon Gift Guide Brochure Campaigns 11 & 12, November & December 2021

PageProduct IdCosmetic nameProduct IdCosmetic name
218382Gold Star Champagne Flutes
414720Musical Reindeer Toy
612963Daddy Reindeer Family Pjs Extra Large14365Mummy Reindeer Family Pjs Small 8-10
14381Mummy Reindeer Family Pjs Medium 12-14
14407Mummy Reindeer Family Pjs Large 16-18
14472Mummy Reindeer Family Pjs Extra Large 20-22
54031Kids' Reindeer Family Pjs 3-4 Years
5140Kids' Reindeer Family Pjs 5-6 Years
6833Kids' Reindeer Family Pjs 7-8 Years
15800Kids' Reindeer Family Pjs 9-10 Years
14498Daddy Reindeer Family Pjs Small
14522Daddy Reindeer Family Pjs Medium
12955Daddy Reindeer Family Pjs Large
83756Winter Bear Kids' Pjs 9-10 Years13185Winter Bear Kids' Pjs 3-4 Years
13292Winter Bear Kids' Pjs 5-6 Years
13383Winter Bear Kids' Pjs 7-8 Years
24604Adult Bear Socks24083Winter Bear Pjs Small 8-10
24117Winter Bear Pjs Medium 12-14
24190Winter Bear Pjs Large 16-18
24307Winter Bear Pjs Extra Large 20-22
1012815Sparkle Slippers Large 7-812476Sparkle Slippers Small 3-4
12526Sparkle Slippers Medium 5-6
57539Glitter Snowflake Pjs Extra Large 20-2256440Glitter Snowflake Pjs Small 8-10
57497Glitter Snowflake Pjs Medium 12-14
57513Glitter Snowflake Pjs Large 16-18
1218879Ladies Penguin Pjs Extra Large 20-2218887Kids Penguin Pjs 12-18 Months
10801Kids Penguin Pjs 18-24 Months
10850Kids Penguin Pjs 2-3 Years
10918Kids Penguin Pjs 3-4 Years
10975Kids Penguin Pjs 5-6 Years
4002Festive Check Pjs Small 8-10
3061Festive Check Pjs Medium 12-14
3079Festive Check Pjs Large 16-18
3095Festive Check Pjs Extra Large 20-22
28654Ladies Penguin Pjs Small 8-10
24778Ladies Penguin Pjs Medium 12-14
20461Ladies Penguin Pjs Large 16-18
5017Ice Skater Pjs Extra Large 20-225884Ice Skater Pjs Small 8-10
4945Ice Skater Pjs Medium 12-14
4978Ice Skater Pjs Large 16-18
142733Pom Pom Slipper Socks Large 7-82543Pom Pom Slipper Socks Small 3-4
23853Pom Pom Slipper Socks Medium 5-6
2196Fabulous Pjs Extra Large 20-2211536Fabulous Pjs Small 8-10
1990Fabulous Pjs Medium 12-14
2006Fabulous Pjs Large 16-18
1610751Disco Ball Kids Pjs 9-10 Years26716Disco Ball Pjs Small 8-10
6312Disco Ball Pjs Medium 12-14
6650Disco Ball Pjs Large 16-18
4119Disco Ball Pjs Extra Large 20-22
4127Disco Ball Kids Pjs 3-4 Years
2840Disco Ball Kids Pjs 5-6 Years
2923Disco Ball Kids Pjs 7-8 Years
596New York Pjs Extra Large 20-2222475New York Pjs Small 8-10
554New York Pjs Medium 12-14
588New York Pjs Large 16-18
187625Lipsy Mug & Sock Gift Set3533Lipsy Slipper Boots Small 3-4
3566Lipsy Slipper Boots Medium 5-6
10777Lipsy Slipper Boots Large 7-8
11353Lipsy Leopard Pjs & Eye Mask Extra Large10876Lipsy Leopard Pjs & Eye Mask Small 8-10
11098Lipsy Leopard Pjs & Eye Mask Medium
11106Lipsy Leopard Pjs & Eye Mask Large
206403Lipsy Leopard Lounge Set Extra Large 20-226221Lipsy Leopard Lounge Set Small 8-10
6346Lipsy Leopard Lounge Set Medium 12-14
6361Lipsy Leopard Lounge Set Large 16-18
7757Lipsy Leopard Robe Extra Large 20-227716Lipsy Leopard Robe Small 8-10
7724Lipsy Leopard Robe Medium 12-14
7740Lipsy Leopard Robe Large 16-18
221107Hooded Lounge Dress Extra Large 20-222758Hooded Lounge Dress Small 8-10
1065Hooded Lounge Dress Medium 12-14
1081Hooded Lounge Dress Large 16-18
248490Glitter Stripe Lounge Set Extra Large 20-22240Glitter Stripe Lounge Set Small 8-10
21873Glitter Stripe Lounge Set Medium 12-14
20784Glitter Stripe Lounge Set Large 16-18
1495Floral Lounge Set Extra Large 20-221321Floral Lounge Set Small 8-10
1339Floral Lounge Set Medium 12-14
1388Floral Lounge Set Large 16-18
2621741Suede Slippers Large 7-81529Suede Slippers Small 3-4
23127Suede Slippers Medium 5-6
13458Hooded Lounge Jacket Extra Large 20-2222871Hooded Lounge Jacket Small 8-10
21824Hooded Lounge Jacket Medium 12-14
17780Hooded Lounge Jacket Large 16-18
306809Star & Moon Socks54379Star & Moon Pjs Small 8-10
1651Star & Moon Pjs Medium 12-14
877Star & Moon Pjs Large 16-18
57554Star & Moon Pjs Extra Large 20-22
322659Winter Spice Throw
344986Ceramic Wax Burner & Tealight Holder11635Winter Spice Fragrance Oil
11726Winter Spice Candle
12070Winter Spice Reed Diffuser
66829Winter Spice Room Spray
58255Winter Spice Wax Melts
68189Winter Spice Large Candle
19794Winter Spice Set Of 2 Votives & Reed Diffuser
366478Far Away Home Fragrance Gift Set
19802Today Set Of 2 Votives & Reed Diffuser
3822822Wild Berries Wax Melts15313Wild Berries Fragrance Oil
24133Wild Berries Reed Diffuser
22830Wild Berries Scented Sachet
18432Wild Berries Candle
547Set Of 3 Reed Diffusers
402766Aroma Diffuser22921Dark Orchid Candle
22954Dark Orchid Reed Diffuser
7732Sahara Candle
8763Sahara Reed Diffuser
58271Tea Light Lantern
19828Christmas Star Spinner
4221071Present Led Light19935Red Star Tealight Holder
1016Snowflake String Lights
1008Tree Led Light
21105Christmas Window Decals
4419984Gold Hanging Decoration18515Christmas Cushion Covers
64188Car Countdown To Christmas
21345Merry & Bright Christmas Tree Skirt
14159Winter Spice Hanging Decorations
4618408Christmas Tree Tealight Holder21352Merry & Bright Cutlery Holders
21451Merry & Bright Table Runner
21386Merry & Bright Placemats
18416Table Scatter Stars18382Gold Star Champagne Flutes
4818499Cookie Maker Apron59212Cookie Cutter & Spatula Set
18440Mini-Me Cookie Taster Apron
18523Snowflake Fleece Throw
505801Lipsy Camera Bag6676Lipsy Leopard Bobble Hat
5222939Lipsy Tan Cross-Body Bag
55889Lipsy Metallic Tote Bag
5438208Lipsy Scarf38174Lipsy Earmuffs
38216Lipsy Warmwear Set
566700Lipsy Love Heart Keyring11015Lipsy Holdall
6684Lipsy Reversible Cape
5823143Lipsy Lila Leopard Watch
19240Radley Watch Gift Set
6020776Zia Smart Watch
6218580Hailey Watch Gold18549Ellis Watch
18598Hailey Watch Silver
18614Scarlett Watch Gift Set
6455517Artemis Bracelet Rose Quartz16568Artemis Bracelet Amethyst
20222Artemis Bracelet Aventurine
6621790Albia Bracelet Gold - Horseshoe54437Albia Bracelet Silver - Elephant
54395Albia Bracelet Silver - Lotus Flower
23200Albia Bracelet Gold - Sun & Moon
68908Alora Earring Gift Set Gold20768Alora Earring Gift Set Silver
6819232Faith Cz Necklace19216Faith Cz Earrings
23044Textile Hobo Bag
701644Winter Spice-Scented Checked Scarf
19190Sherpa Scarf20792Sherpa Hat
7219562Camila Earrings
74672612 Days Of Christmas Jewellery Gift Set1693Hollis Earring Gift Set
38240Reindeer Pom Pom Keyring
19570Chelsea Earring Gift Set
7622988Vanderbilt Sequin Coin Purse19612Astor Bow Keyring
1701Fulton Headband
18655Delancy Statement Bracelet
7822202Ellis Bracelet Gift Set Silver Tone224Avery Interchangeable Necklace Silver Plated
22194Avery Interchangeable Necklace Gold Plated
22269Ellis Bracelet Gift Set Gold Tone
19646Ellis Moon & Star Earring Gift Set
8019653Lexi Gift Set
18671Cambria Gift Set
826080Harmony Spirit Animal Necklace Bee - Bee Happy12211Freja Sparkle Bracelet Gold Tone
3418Freja Sparkle Bracelet Dark Grey Tone
11981Freja Sparkle Bracelet Silver Tone
6072Harmony Spirit Animal Necklace Bird - Adventure Awaits
6064Harmony Spirit Animal Necklace Butterfly - Born To Fly
6049Harmony Spirit Animal Necklace Cat - Just Purrfect
1818Harlem Earring Gift Set
8412351Birthstone Charm December24810Imogen Shortline Necklace
13888Imogen Necklace
54098Kaylee Bracelet
11973Sofie Initial Charm A
6882Sofie Initial Charm B
12047Sofie Initial Charm C
12096Sofie Initial Charm D
13979Sofie Initial Charm E
2675Sofie Initial Charm G
1420Sofie Initial Charm H
22640Sofie Initial Charm J
2683Sofie Initial Charm K
11650Sofie Initial Charm L
11668Sofie Initial Charm M
2691Sofie Initial Charm N
11965Sofie Initial Charm R
11775Sofie Initial Charm S
11692Sofie Initial Charm T
2709Sofie Initial Charm V
14704Birthstone Charm January
16014Birthstone Charm February
14373Birthstone Charm March
14464Birthstone Charm April
20107Birthstone Charm May
26195Birthstone Charm June
20008Birthstone Charm July
24059Birthstone Charm August
21980Birthstone Charm September
16188Birthstone Charm October
23614Birthstone Charm November
562Love Charm Gift Set21758Southern Belle Charm Set
8656317Delancy Coin Purse Red
22996Gold Spot Scarf
8818689Glitter Lipstick Holder56325Travel Pouch
18705Vanderbilt Vanity Case
9023846Pretty Things Jewellery Organiser38299Leopard Brooch
38372Astrid Brooch
1966Sparkle Mini Cosmetics Bag Silver37937Sparkle Mini Cosmetics Bag Pink
9256366Dorothy Backpack11197Wellbeing Cosmetics Pouch
23036Mini Cross-Body Bag
9427458Navy Textured Slippers Large 10-1123960Red Checked Pjs Small
58883Red Checked Pjs Medium
58933Red Checked Pjs Large
9324Red Checked Pjs Extra Large
23705Navy Textured Slippers Small 6-7
23499Navy Textured Slippers Medium 8-9
9623184French Connection Watch
18762Timberland Watch
986759Multi-Tool Keyring577866-In-1 Charger Pen
19463Earphones Case
18812Tech Pen
10089722Freshly Shaved Gift Set
89243Lucky Me For Him Gift Set
10218788Mug & Socks Gift Set57877Boxed Christmas Socks
13599Avon Attraction For Him Gift Set
10469096Full Speed Gift Set94904Elite Gentleman Absolute Gift Set
92635Segno Gift Set
1061503Bear Led Light36731Talk-Back Bear
1088615Bear Door Hooks1453Bear Mug
58958Kids Hat & Mittens Set 7-10 Years58917Kids Hat & Mittens Set 3-6 Years
11032078Dinosaur Tablet Rest58263Rocket Tablet Rest
30262Koala Tablet Rest6098Caticorn Tablet Rest
11269260Minions Pink Gift Set67603Minions Blue Gift Set
68338Disney Frozen Hair & Body Gift Set57018Disney Frozen Gift Set
11467934Planet Spa Aromatherapy Beauty Sleep Set
11669583Avon Planet Spa Aromatherapy Sleep Collection Gift Set69245Aromatherapy Calm Set
68627Aromatherapy Energise Set
69443Planet Spa Korean Charcoal Gift Set
11889342Planet Spa Radiance Ritual Gift Set69617Planet Spa Ayurveda Gift Set
67959Planet Spa Aromatherapy Beauty Sleep Gift Set
89532Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration Gift Set
12069047Bergamot & Green Tea Hand Duo Gift Set69013Lavender & Ginger Hand Duo Gift Set
68510Lemongrass & Coconut Hand Duo Gift Set
12269641Footworks Chocolate & Hazelnut Gift Set24943Planet Spa Blissfully Nourishing Gift Set
24935 Care Softening Mini Hand Cream 30ml13037 Care Replenishing Mini Hand Cream 30ml
52779 Care Soothing Moisture Mini Hand Cream 30ml
12425742Christmas Hand Cream 75ml25817Raspberry & Cassis Bubble Bath 250ml
25825Cranberry & Orange Bubble Bath 250ml
25767Christmas Lip Balm
2998Christmas Body Lotion 400ml
25890Vanilla & Fig Bubble Bath 250ml2568Gingerbread Scented Spritz 100ml
23887Berry Cake Scented Spritz 100ml
25924Berries & Cream Bubble Bath 250ml
12667488Ultimate Shine Gift Set
67140Miracle Densifier Gift Set
12868460Anew Platinum Strengthen & Sculpt Gift Set
1303806Ultimate Skin Regime11007Platinum Skin Regime
3749Reversalist Skin Regime
13257125Anew Vitamin C Radiance Gift Set
41905Anew Ultimate Protinol Gift Set
13413748Anew Hydrate & Glow Gift Set
69450Anew Face Mask Collection Gift Set
13668361Cannabis Sativa Oil Elixirs Gift Set
67066Cannabis Sativa Set
13811510Glitz & Glimmer Gift Set
14069609City Escape Set68536Sandstorm Set
14268098Tokyo Slate Blue Set69427Tokyo Gold Lantern Set
69161Tokyo Silver Cloud Set
14467629Dark Brow Kit69229Light Brow Kit
69237Medium Brow Kit
14667389Nude Lip Kit68502Pink Lip Kit
69187Plum Lip Kit
69997Red Lip Kit
14867116Sweet Blooms Nail Duo69039Showmance Nail Duo
67694Keep It Bright Nail Duo
69468Zen Moments Nail Duo
15031153Lisa Armstrong Satincredible Avon Lipstick Cam Can36236Lisa Armstrong Satincredible Lipstick Fran
35097Lisa Armstrong Matteiculous Lipstick Clarey
32888Lisa Armstrong Matteiculous Lipstick Emz
15293161Far Away Royale Set
15417343Eve Embrace Gift Set
3244Far Away Glamour Gift Set
15615412Rare Pearls Gift Set
89151This Love Gift Set
15867926Eve Truth Gift Set
27185Little Black Dress Gift Set
16089094Far Away Rebel Gift Set68932Far Away Rebel & Diva Gift Set
62828Far Away Purse Spray Gift Set
16294912Lucky Me For Her Gift Set
13425Attraction For Her Gift Set