The perfect eye treatments to see your sales soar! So much has happened since I was last Guest Editor! My leadership business has doubled and my biggest success was hitting Senior Sales Leader status. More importantly, without my Avon income, I wouldn’t have been able to help my husband set up his own business. My top tips for this campaign are: 1. Tell everyone you’re a Rep. Get your voice out there and let people know! 2. Always carry a brochure. You never know when you’ll meet a new customer. 3. Complete your training. Get to know the content on the Avon On app so you can maximise it.

Your bestselling eye cream. Now available for dark circles. What is it? A unique dual eye treatment that targets dark circles. If you only remember one thing… 9/10 triallists saw an improvement in dark circles in just 2 weeks. Instantly diminish the look of dark circles. Your bestselling eye treatment, now available for dark circles. How to use: Apply the cream each morning, and the gel every night, to your under-eyes after cleansing and before moisturising. The skin beneath your eyes is delicate, so gently use your ring finger to smooth the formula until it’s absorbed. Posting before and after images on social media is a powerful way to sell this – your customers are more likely to try if they can see the results on someone they know! News from the distillery. An eco-friendly make-up collection they’ll love. Avon latest, thrilling addition to the full speed range to help build your business.

Open your eyes to sales success. 3 tips to boost your skincare sales this campaign. 1. Increase your earnings by introducing an eye treatment to customers already buying an Avon Anew product. 2. Our eyes show the first signs of ageing. See if you can boost your earnings by introducing your younger customers to our eye treatments. 3. Knowing their concerns is the first step in advising a solution. Understand the differences and try them yourself so you can recommend with confidence.